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Industry Perspectives: Interview with Wolfgang Horn, General Management, Zeppelin Silos & Systems

Current Trends and how they are Affecting Product Development

27.01.2010 -

Outlook - With the dawn of a new decade CHEManager Europe decided to ask a selection of prominent companies who supply the chemical and industrial processes industry, about their expectations on the development of different trends in their industry and how this is reflected in product development and the services companies are expected to offer their customers. We also spoke about what key events will be of importance in 2010.

Interview with Wolfgang Horn, General Management, Zeppelin Silos & Systems

CHEManager Europe: What are your expectations for 2010?

W. Horn: 2010 will still be difficult because there are only a limited amount of projects in the market to be definitively placed as orders from our customers. Zeppelin expects an increasing activity on projects to developed, however orders for big projects are expected either late 2010 or first in early 2011. This is valid for the Petrochemical, Chemical, Compounding, as well as for the Rubber and Tire Industry. For the Food Market Zeppelin expects a more stable project situation.

What trends do you see developing in the sector?

W. Horn: The Middle East, India and China will be the regions for the next big investments into Plastics Production Plants. Due to the economic crisis and the delayed start up of plants in the Middle East there is an overcapacity on the market. This leads to a delay in new project decisions. Plastic Processors and Tire Manufacturers are shifting production capacities into the emerging markets where they expect growth in car manufacturing and infrastructure projects.

How is your business being influenced by these trends?

W. Horn: Zeppelin is following these trends by increasing the local presence in the emerging markets to support the customers by their investments. Examples are the market entry in 2009 in India by acquisition of a local company, the start of a Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia and the strengthening of the company's activities in China.

What new products can we expect?

W. Horn: Zeppelin will develop their product range to meet the globalized markets. That means increasing global sourcing as well as local sourcing to increase competitiveness. New product developments are under way to be ready for the next market upswing.

What key events are on the agenda for this year?

W. Horn: The big event in 2010 for sure is the K-Show in Düsseldorf. The event will be the indicator for the Plastics Industry and their performance. We at Zeppelin expect a recovery of the industry by then. Hopefully the K-Show will highlight this and support this trend into the next upswing.



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