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23.03.2011 -

CHEManager Europe Online is proud to share some of the interesting stories our colleagues at ChemistryViews have been working on for you. ChemistryViews is a platform that presents top-quality information from ChemPubSoc Europe, an organization of 16 chemical societies in continental Europe, publishing world-leading journals such as "Chemistry - A European Journal." Click and enjoy!

IYC 2011 Interview Series: Women in Chemistry - Interview with Zuriati Zakaria
Professor Zuriati Zakaria, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), is the first Malay woman from Malaysia to receive a PhD in chemistry

News: Value Analysis of Modular Chemical Plants
Do the pros of a modular chemical plant outweigh the scale efficiencies of a large-scale plant?

News:Crystallization of Energetic Materials
The explosive RDX can be produced more safely with new electrospray crystallization method that minimizes defects

Chemical Industry Analysis: Biotech Crops Over 1 Billion Hectares
Developing nations drive growth at adoption rates exceeding industrialized countries

News: Jet Fuel from Waste Cellulose
Conversion of linalool into high-density fuels for jet propulsion achieved with ruthenium catalyst under solvent-free conditions

Spotlight:2010 Trends in Technical Chemistry
An overview of the latest trend report published annually in Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the GDCh magazine