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M&A in Pharma and CRO/CMO Industry

Experts Explain How to Turn Challenges Caused by Consolidation into New Business Opportunities

28.09.2017 -

Challenges caused by a merger or an acquisition can be manifold, no matter whether it is your own organization that is going through M&A and the integration phase or any of your outsourcing partners or customers. Distractions or disruptions are pre-programmed and sometimes inevitable, thus, it gets hard to maintain business as usual. In such a phase it is important not to lose focus on customer relationship and ongoing projects. CHEManager International asked executives and opinion leaders in the chemical and pharmaceutical market to share their experience and advice. For instance, we wanted to know:

  • Will the consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry level off or will it even intensify?
  • Does the consolidation in the pharma industry create a necessity for CROs/CMOs to consolidate?
  • How big of an issue is a merger or an acquisition for ongoing projects?
  • How can outsourcing partners maintain their focus and guarantee confidentiality in their projects?

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