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On the Way to Climate Neutrality

03.06.2021 -

The EU Commission’s ambitious plan for a European Green Deal, launched shortly before the pandemic struck in early 2020, aims to make the continent the world’s first...

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Covid-19 Driving Manufacturing, CDMOs Driving Growth

26.04.2021 -

The CPhI executive post-pandemic pharma survey, produced by Informa Markets as part of the CPhI Pharma 2021 Report, predicts that pandemic supply chain issues have...

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Swiss Biotech Report 2021

20.04.2021 -

Switzerland, as one of the leading global biotech hubs, was well positioned to facilitate international collaborations and develop solutions to combat the Covid-19...

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Developing Innovative Ideas, Creating New Markets

16.03.2021 -

As Managing Director of Asahi Kasei Europe, Hideki Tsutsumi has implemented the Japanese chemical company's growth strategy in Europe.

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The European Chemical Industry’s New Normal

08.03.2021 -

A trusted adviser to major companies with a chemical industry background, and a Global Expert with the World Economic Forum, Paul Hodges, chairman of New Normal...

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Steady in the Long Term Despite the Crisis

22.02.2021 -

For the report "Value Creation in Chemicals 2020: Bouncing Back from a Year of Adversity", Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analyzed the development of the global chemicals...

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BASF again Named World’s Most Valuable Chemicals Brand

04.02.2021 -

A coalescing of factors has led to arrested growth across the chemicals sector this year, with the brand value of the top 25 most valuable chemicals brands contracting by...

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A Sustainable Industrial Symbiosis in Flanders

07.12.2020 -

Within the last 24 months, a whole range of companies announced a series of massive investments in their sites in Flanders, the Northern region of Belgium.