Chemistry & Life Sciences

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Thomas Sul, co-head business unit Performance Materials, DKSH

04.04.2017 -

“Digitalization is significantly enhancing the way DKSH interacts with its clients and customers. We are generating new customer leads through e-marketing tools, promoting products and service offerings based on specific needs generated from our CRM tools, and gaining a greater understanding of market trends through data analytics. We are capable of providing state-of-the-art customized digital reporting in real time.

As a multibusiness company, we see that markets and industry segments are embracing digitalization at differing paces, so it would be impossible to conceive a one-size-fits-all solution to digitalization. We therefore believe in a more tailored approach for our B2B model while closely monitoring the developments in our units that are engaged in B2C.

As we look to continuously improve our efficiency, sales growth and competitiveness, utilizing e-sourcing solutions is high on our agenda. We develop solutions that digitize the transactional part of our business in line with the needs of our clients and customers (chemical and ingredient manufacturers), as they consider shifting parts of their distribution to digital channels. Key service offerings like formulation and registration will remain important differentiators in the value chain and will not easily be digitized.

So while we prepare for the fact that digitalization will impact the transactional level of our business, we embrace this development as it allows the distribution industry to become more cost efficient, allowing companies to focus their energy and investments on their core competencies.”