Nuberg Wins Chlor-Alkali Plant in Morocco

17.07.2019 -

India-based global EPC and turnkey management company Nuberg EPC has won a lump sum contract from Morocco’s SCE Chemicals to build a chlor-alkali plant at Jorf Lasfar Parc Industrial Medz in El-Jadida, Morocco.

The new production line due to go on stream in late 2020 will produce caustic soda, hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite chlorine.  According to Nuberg, the plant will use the “most advanced bipolar membrane cell technology” licensed from UK-based Inovyn. The Ineos subsidiary, formerly a joint venture with Solvay, is Europe’s PVC market leader.

SCE, which specializes in products for the detergent and cosmetics, water treatment and timber industries, including sulfonic acid, sodium silicate, SLES and aluminum sulfate, supplies chlorine and caustic soda to the pharmaceutical industry, among other sectors.

In the case of the new plant – EPC’s first chlor-alkali project in Morocco – SCE said the chlorine derivatives produced will be used for disinfection and water treatment industrial processes.