Particle Sciences Adds Filling Capacity

17.06.2016 -

Drug product formulation specialist Particle Sciences, part of Lubrizol’s LifeSciences business since September 2015, has added capacity for cGMP sterile powder filling and capsule filling. The company said the expansion is in response to customer demand. In particular, it said, “there has been an uptick in our partners’ need for sterile powder filling, both in vials and proprietary devices.”

To meet the need, Particle Sciences said it has added equipment that allows powder fills from 50 mg to 75 g, with an accuracy of up to +/- 1% of fill volume, including those for highly potent compounds.

Also included in the expansion is capsule filling.  With a clinical supply capability of 3,000 capsules (sizes 0- 4) per hour, the company said it is positioned to assist clients in utilizing its bioavailability-enhancing platforms in oral dosage forms.