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Peter Greven extends lubricant portfolio with RSPO certified products

12.11.2015 -

Peter Greven, a leading producer of oleochemical additives with sites in Germany, the Netherlands and Malaysia, is, since July 2015 the first producer in Europe to have RSPO certified esters for lubricant applications in its product portfolio.

RSPO stands for “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” and is a non-profit organisation that brings together stakeholders from different areas of the palm oil industry. The organisation’s goal is the sustainable production of palm oil. In addition, the RSPO is committed to global standards and an even greater commitment of the various stakeholders.

At Peter Greven, the sustainability and responsible use of natural resources have always been a fundamental aspect – therefore, all our products are based on natural, renewable raw materials. Furthermore, our company supports sustainable palm oil production through its membership in the RSPO. The result being that, in 2013 Peter Greven became the first metal soap producer to receive the RSPO SCCS certificate and became then eligible to produce and distribute vegetable stearates and dispersions based on RSPO certified fatty acid.

Also in the lubricants industry, sustainable and biodegradable lubricants and additives are becoming more and more important. The high quality product line LIGALUB – Sustainable Ester Lubes already fulfils these requirements. In addition, in July 2015, Peter Grevens LIGALUB- lubricants line was audited and successfully certified by the RSPO. Peter Greven is the first manufacturer to offer RSPO-certified lubricant esters. The first product to be available in RSPO-MB-quality is LIGALUB 18 TMP MB. This product is a polyol ester of an unsaturated fatty acid, which can be used in different areas of the lubricants industry.

Through these products, Peter Greven is able to meet growing customer demand, while simultaneously supporting the sustainable production of palm oil.


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