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Proactive Supplier Risk Mitigation for Manufacturing and Testing Organizations

Covid-related Supply Chain Disruptions have Highlighted the Importance of Proactive Risk Mitigation for Critical Raw Materials

03.06.2022 - There is a new urgency in the market for manufacturers and testing organizations to be prepared for rapid, unexpected changes in material resource access, exacerbated by turbulent regional and global events. This focus is in addition to reinforcing routine risk mitigation activities around the raw material supply chain, adding to the relevance and impact of the topic.

As a global manufacturer, and strategic supplier of critical raw materials to key manufacturing and testing customers worldwide, we are keenly aware of the importance of proactive risk mitigation as it relates to supply chain security and transparency, product quality and support, and regulatory compliance. As such we aim to collaborate closely with our customers to address these needs.

How can suppliers help?

Because of the increasing complexity for manufacturing in today’s environment of global challenges aligning with increased regulatory focus, it is crucial to understand, assess and manage risks while ensuring business continuity. Choosing the right supplier to partner with can assist in mitigating risk in three common critical areas:

  1. Quality Management

    Customers should choose suppliers who believe quality is imperative for their own success, as well as those of their customers. It’s also important to find potential suppliers who are well-recognized for quality products and regulatory expertise. In addition to site quality, access to documentation, and quality support for raw materials, it is also important to work with a supplier who can help customers choose the right products for the specific regulatory environment for each application, as well as the level of risk a customer is comfortable with.

    A specific solution to aligning specific products with customer requirements is to differentiate products according to the level of quality control and management. One specific solution - The M-Clarity Program:

    The M-Clarity Program defines product quality levels and improves product and service transparency throughout our broad Life Science portfolio. This allows customers to mitigate risk by understanding the Quality levels assigned and choosing the product that best meets their needs. Our belief is that it is better to be transparent and set expectations early with customers to avoid disappointment or even worse later.
  2. Supply chain management

    Timing is everything. Planning and scheduling are critical for anticipating customer needs, building appropriate inventory levels, and successfully facilitating a global distribution network. We use a combination of planned orders and a forecasting model to determine the right level of inventory to hold for a diversified global customer base. The ideal combination of Strategic Partnership and Supply Assurance can be best achieved through ongoing communication and collaboration. We collaborate with customers on planning to help them align the supply chain to get the product when they need it. This proactive approach provides a more robust supply chain for both supplier and customer.
  3. Regulatory

    Having in-house regulatory experts who are able to communicate ever-changing regulatory requirements throughout their organization helps ensure productive conversations with customers. This helps to make sure the products being used will meet the necessary level of quality and that appropriate documentation is in place, depending on the customer's requirements.


On-Demand Webinar

Watch a webinar on “Proactive Supplier Risk Mitigation for Manufacturing and Testing Organizations” to learn more about important considerations in proactive risk mitigation. We provide recommendations on best practices on the key risk mitigation topics so you can effectively engage and collaborate with your raw material suppliers.


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