Purolite Expands UK Bioprocessing Resin Production

19.10.2022 - Purolite, a US manufacturer of ion exchange resins that is also part of Ecolab, has opened up a new facility in Llantrisant, Wales, tripling its bioprocessing resin production. The company said the extra output will meet growing global demand for biopharmaceutical products.

The facility also includes a Customer Experience Centre that features hands-on interactive and educational displays, showcasing the company’s expanded bioprocessing capabilities.

“Our site-wide facilities expansion is strategically designed to help accelerate Purolite’s ability to provide customers throughout the world with high quality resin products and short lead times, enabling our customers to deliver life-saving drugs faster,” said Hayley Crowe, senior vice president and general manager.

The new center is running in parallel with expansions at Purolite’s facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA, as well as advancements to the company’s manufacturing plants in China and Romania to help meet global demand.

The King of Prussia facility is currently gearing up for agarose resin production, which Purolite said will position it as the first resin supplier with dual-continent production capabilities, providing leading security of supply to biopharmaceutical customers and CMOs globally.

Purolite was acquired by Ecolab in December 2021 for approximately $3.7 billion. As well as supplying the biopharmaceutical sector, the US company provides purification and separation solutions for industrial markets such as microelectronics, nuclear power, and food and beverage. Purolite operates as a separate global business unit but reports within Ecolab’s Life Sciences division.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist