SABIC at K Show 2022

Making the Change Real

21.09.2022 - During this year’s K show, SABIC will highlight its commitment to circular, sustainable solutions designed to reduce plastic waste and support the shift to product electrification.

SABIC will demonstrate how chemistry is making a remarkable difference across industries and driving tangible change.

Main emphasis will be on two key areas: the circular economy for plastics and a clean air economy through the transition to product electrification.

SABIC’s booth will display its latest innovations and sustainable solutions across a range of industries, including: Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Transportation, Health & Hygiene, Consumer Goods, and Advanced Packaging, with a top highlights: Bluehero, Trucircle and SABIC’s sponsorship of the ABB Formula E.


At K 2022 SABIC will highlight its elevated commitment and dedicated program in support of the world’s shift to electric power, with the transition to electric vehicles as a starting point. The new program, known as Bluehero, is SABIC’s evolving ecosystem of products, solutions, intelligence and initiatives, designed to help accelerate the world’s energy transition from fossil fuels to electric power.

The company’s starting point with Bluehero is support of the automotive industry’s mission to create better, safer and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs), with an emphasis on improving structural battery components with unique flame retardant materials and solution development expertise.

SABIC’s decision to focus starting out on automotive reflects the urgency of making progress in that space and the strengths we already have with established materials and capabilities that can allow us to support the shift to electric vehicles and contribute to a low carbon future.

With the initial focus on electric vehicles, SABIC is targeting automakers and their part suppliers, in addition to battery manufacturers and others across the automotive value chain.

SABIC anticipates expanding the focus and scope of its Bluehero initiative to help support efforts in additional sectors. Those could potentially include energy storage, charging infrastructure, other modes of transport and industrial and consumer equipment.


With Trucircle, SABIC is helping to provide manufacturers access to more sustainable materials, including mechanically recycled polymers, certified circular products, certified renewable products, products designed for recyclability and closed loop initiatives.

SABIC started introducing its Trucircle solutions back in 2019, primarily for in packaging applications using materials from its PE and PP product portfolio. Today we are offering a full range of alternatives including Engineering Thermoplastic materials and chemicals. This pioneering work have generated attention from other industries such as hygiene and healthcare, Automotive, B&C and consumer goods helping our partners to increase circularity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Also in 2021, the company added a new recycled material made from ocean bound plastic, which has been recovered, from ocean-feeding waterways and inland areas within a 50 kilometer radius of the ocean. The ocean bound material is mechanically recycled and converted into components for new consumer goods and electronics applications,

And also in 2021, SABIC created the first certified circular polymers produced through the advanced recycling of recovered mixed and used ocean-bound plastic which have since been introduced into various customer applications.

SABIC’s sponsorship of the ABB Formula E

Finally, one of the highlights at the booth will be the recent announcement of  SABIC’s sponsorship of ABB Formula E.

SABIC intends to collaborate closely with Formula E to integrate sustainable solutions into their ecosystem and operations. This offers a unique opportunity to transfer our innovations from Formula E into the broader automotive and EV industries benefiting our customers and partners and demonstrating our ability to support the world’s transition to EV and a more sustainable future.