Sartorius and Sanofi Collaborate to Boost Downstream Process Efficiency

14.05.2024 - Life science group Sartorius and biopharmaceutical firm Sanofi are partnering to create a platform for continuous downstream bioprocessing. Sartorius will use its engineering and manufacturing skills to commercialize integrated and continuous biomanufacturing (ICB) platforms, using Sanofi’s prototypes. In exchange, Sanofi will provide Sartorius with exclusive access to its ICB platform knowledge and patents.

Integrated continuous biomanufacturing (ICB) is a modern method for biopharmaceutical production. It aims for efficiency through continuous flow and integration of operations, contrasting traditional batch methods. ICB minimizes process footprint, leading to reduced resource use and waste, and increased productivity.

“Technological innovation is crucial for biopharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce the cost of drug manufacturing - while improving the environmental footprint of their operations – and ultimately getting life-saving drugs to patients faster. As the biologics landscape becomes more diverse, teaming up with Sanofi is an excellent basis for developing a unique modular platform that combines flexibility with the advantages of intensified bioprocessing. This collaboration will help Sartorius to further expand its position as a leading company in the field of integrated and continuous bioprocessing,” commented Jan Schäfer, Head of Separation Systems at Sartorius.

Sartorius is advancing hardware, consumables, and automation from development to commercial scale. Under an agreement, it will exclusively offer the ICB platform globally. A wide array of applications for process intensification in both upstream and downstream bioprocessing is offered, ranging from high-throughput tools for process development to scalable, flexible manufacturing solutions.


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