Technip and Agilyx Market PS Recycling Technology

23.06.2021 - Paris-headquartered engineering firm Technip Energies has agreed to cooperate with Agilyx Corporation on recycling of post-consumer polystyrene. The pact calls for the Technip group company to market and license the related technology of the two partners as an integrated package.

Oregon-based Agilyx Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norway’s Agilyx SA, which specializes in advanced recycling of plastics recovered from post-consumer waste streams.

As part of the package, Technip will leverage the expertise, resources and global presence of the two partners, with Agilyx contributing its experience in chemical recycling of plastics waste and Technip Energies its scale-up technology to increase plastics recovery. In this way, the companies said they will advance the use of a circular economy technology for a major commodity plastic such as PS.

Agilyx’s process converts the spent plastics back into their original chemical feedstocks. The company said the resulting high-quality material is suitable for continuous recycling without degradation. Agilyx currently is engaged in several projects for feedstock recycling worldwide, collaborating with major players such as Ineos Styrolution in Germany, ExxonMobil in the US and Toyo Styrene in Japan. Earlier this year, the company said it had initiated a feasibility study with Brazil’s Braskem to explore a recycling project in North America.

Author: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist