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Ter Group Distributes Polysil Binders for Polypropylene Coatings

Ter Group Distributes Polysil Binders for Polypropylene Coatings

16.03.2011 -

Agreement - The leading supplier of chemical raw materials Ter Group signed an agreement with Polysil Sales GmbH for the international distribution of binders designed for polypropylene coatings effective as of Jan. 1.

The Ter Group is primarily engaged in the distribution of specialty chemicals and the global trading of chemical raw materials for the manufacturing industries: paints and coatings, adhesives, food and feed, cosmetics, plastics, glass fiber composites, paper and various other specialty industries. Alongside the wax business, trading of gum rosin has a long tradition within the Ter Group. From its Hamburg-based headquarters at Ter Hell, the Ter Group manages its international subsidiaries, successfully operating a global position of procurement, selling and logistics.

The company Polysil was founded in 2005 in Wolfsburg, Germany, involving Auto Vision, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen. The strategic objective was to develop paints that adhere strongly and permanently on polypropylene (PP) surfaces, without any pre-treatment like flaming, fluorination or plasma treatment. Polypropylene is one of the world's most important thermoplastic materials for the automotive industry, but is also used for many other applications in industrial and consumer products.
The Polysil products enable the varnishing of polypropylene without pre-treatment and therefore achieve cost reduction as well as an improvement in quality. By appliance of Polysil costly and complex pre-treatment of PP may be avoided, significant quality risks will be reduced to a minimum.

Polysil products contain substances which polarize the surface of polypropylene immediately after application. Hence hetero atoms are deposited on the polypropylene surface. Electro-chemical interactions result in a particularly strong and permanent adhesion of the paint on the PP-surface.

Polysil high-tech products are innovative and of excellent efficacy. Besides solvent-based and water-borne primers and single-layer coatings, Polysil offers binders for the ink and coatings industry, which are marketed and distributed by Ter Group.
Binders are the master ingredients of paints. Binders are polymers (resins) forming a continuous film on the substrate surface. Binders are responsible for good adhesion of the coating to the substrate. Binders hold the pigment particles distributed throughout the coating. Binders are dispersed in a carrier, which can be water or anorganic- based solvent.
Polysil binders are available as solvent-based and as water-dilutable products with excellent adhesion to non-pre-treated polypropylene (PP) and a wide variety of other plastic substrates such as ABS, PC and others.

Polysil offers three types of binders:

  • Solvent-based Polysil binder for 1K paints is a hydrolysis-resistant and xylene-free binder based on modified acrylic copolymers.
    This binder is used for the formulation of primers and direct-to-plastic applications such as base coats, single layer coats and printing inks with outstanding stability against alkaline solutions, acids and salts, water, humidity, low temperatures, etc.
  • Solvent-based Polysil binder for two pack paints is a modified acrylic resin cross linking with polyisocyanate. Due to its good heat resistance it withstands forced drying up to 100°C. This binder is used for the formulation of two pack primers as well as matt and glossy single-layer two pack coats.
  • Water-dilutable Polysil binder is a modified self-crosslinking acrylic dispersion with different Tg values. This binder is used for the formulation of primers, printing inks and direct-to-plastic applications. It forms films at room temperature and facilitates formulations free of VOC.


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