Univar, Tate & Lyle SugarsAnnounce Pan-European Distribution Agreement

06.10.2012 -

Univar, a global chemical distributor, announced today it has entered into an agreement with Tate & Lyle Sugars, who are part of the same group as Domino Foods, to distribute a range of value-added functional ingredients across Europe.

Univar will market and sell Domino's ranges of granular and powdered Qwik-Flo co-crystalised molasses and Dri-Flo molasses, its granular and powdered Qwik-Flo co-crystalised honey and Dri- Flo HonyBuds, and its sugar-based flavour and texture modifier Super Envision. These highperformance and innovative ingredients have applications across the food sector including bakery, confectionary, ready meals, soups and sauces.

Domino's dry granular and powdered molasses are used as natural sweeteners that can act as substitutes for highly refined sugar and non-nutritive syrups. The honey products are used to impart a distinct flavour to food as well as increase moisture retention and enhance shelf-life. Domino's flavor and texture modifiers use patented co-crystallised technology to produce sugar based ingredients that allow manufacturers to control the sweetness of finished products as well as enhance texture, structure and dispersion.