VCI on Brexit: Severe Economic and Political Damage

24.06.2016 -

Marijn Dekkers, president of the German chemical industry association Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI), commented on the outcome of the EU referendum in Great Britain: „The German chemical industry has always been committed to the political and economic unity of the European Union. For this reason, I very much deplore that the British voters decided yesterday to leave the EU. Especially now, at a time of timid economy recovery in Europe, their leaving the European Union is a negative signal for the further economic development. Less economic growth in the EU Member States and weaker export business will be the consequences. But the political damage weighs just as heavily. After the differences about the refugee policy, the referendum in Great Britain is the second setback this year for the historic project of European unification. We all need a Europe which is politicially unified and economically strong.”