Vinnolit: Growth with Specialties

21.08.2012 -

The markets for specialty PVC have recovered much faster after the economic crisis in 2009 than those for commodity PVC. Vinnolit invests in paste PVC and hence makes the next step in expanding its global leading position in specialty PVC.

In particular, the dynamic markets in Eastern Europe, Turkey, China, India and Brazil offer excellent growth opportunities. Already in the years of 2011 and 2012, Vinnolit's market position could be strengthened by investments in the field of paste PVC and copolymers at Burghausen and the introduction of innovative products. 2014 another step of strategic importance shall follow: At the Cologne site an additional 50,000 tons of paste PVC capacity is projected.

Commercial Director Dr Wolfram Proessdorf says, "By investing in Cologne, we are in a position to engage in new growth markets intensely and to play an important role in the development of these markets. Thereby, we build on our traditional strengths: outstanding product and service quality, deep global customer relationships and an innovative product portfolio."

"With this step, we set another milestone in our strategy to expand our leading position in the field of specialty PVC," Dr Josef Ertl, Managing Director of Vinnolit, says. "And we give a clear signal that we are committed to invest in Germany and the future of our qualified staff."

With the expansion in Cologne, Vinnolit´s capacity for PVC specialties will increase from today's 470,000 tons to 520,000 tons per year. "We have access to all major technologies for the production of specialty PVC and will continue to develop them further," Managing Director Dr Ralph Ottlinger points out.