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Containment solutions preserve the long lifetime of investments

Safetech is a business unit of the A1-Envirosciences Group specialized in the design and production of containment equipment for the health industries. Safetech provides the pharmaceutical industry with new, innovative containment technologies developed in its research centre in Basel specialized in the treatment of aeraulics and industrial containment.
Safetech is developing a new concept of open, modular multi-functional and ergonomic containment systems for pharmaceutical development and the manufacture of highly active (API/unknown) powdery products (R&D/Synthesis/Scale-up/Galenick/Production).
As from the design stage of these new systems, Safetech has integrated optimization of the operational processes to guarantee the long lifetime of the relevant investments (ROI). This new equipment houses within a single module three innovative technologies:

An ergonomic work station
The isolator is replaced by an open system integrating innovative techniques making it possible to lower the particle threshold to less than < 100 ng/m3 up to 50 kg (test results available). The innovative and patented design of the access window, with a constant work area, makes it possible to implement a constant extraction flow rate (0.4 m/s). This design benefits from remarkable ergonomics insofar as the operator can work over the entire height of the face of the work station in optimal safety. This technology does avoid with the transfer systems of the classic isolators which are always extremely time-consuming for operator.

Multi-purpose systems / Multifunction
The standard module consists of a secured chamber equipped with a mobile and interchangeable work station designed to be adapted to each stage of production, from weighing to final manufacture. The work station has been designed to adapt to the specific features of each operating process affording operators with unbeatable flexibility in use.

Integrated cleaning system
Upstream of the actual design the containment modules, the engineers in our research laboratory have integrated the constraints of cleaning of the work station. The technologies implemented provide a substantial optimization of the time given over to the cleaning steps. This fully integrated system has been stringently qualified to comply with the highest safety standards applicable to decontamination.

Higher productivity and lower running costs
By considerably reducing the preparation time and the cleaning time, these technologies increase the up-time of the equipment for manufacturing operations. The Safetech module technology guarantees the long lifetime of your investments.
Safetech ensures the long lifetime of your investments thanks to its modular design that can be adapted to the increase in your activity. The investment remains affordable as it has no impact on the building structures.
The containment modules are adaptable to increases in capacity in steps with the growth of your markets, this contributing to preserving two major qualities of your company: adaptability and flexibility.



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