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Centrifuging success

Andtrix is a known name in the separation of plastics with centrifuge-decanters. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and Andtrix understood the necessities of their customers and came up with an ingenious solution to increase the separation efficiency of process. The combination of extruder-centrifuge along with a process liquid helps in achieving 99.9% separation efficiency.
The extruder centrifuge works on a simple principle of separation based on the individual components and floating or sinking materials in a process liquid which has an intermediate density. The extruder simply removes the solids while the centrifuge pushes the process liquid and feed mixture on to the outer surface. The process liquid is a key factor as it decides the light and heavy fraction, also it can be optimized based on the preferred light and heavy fractions. This ensures a greater operational flexibility.  The equipment can also be cascaded to separate a mixture of more than two materials.
The equipment is already implemented in tge industry with great success as it has reportedly increased productivity by 80% and requires 20% less maintenance costs. Thus is a win-win situation for the waste segregation companies as well the environment as it decreases the cost of recycling.