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Chugai Pharma Manufacturing Adopts Lonza’s MODA-EM Quality Control Microbiology Automation Platform

Lonza announced today that Chugai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (CPMC) has adopted Lonza's Quality Control Microbiology automation platform, MODA-EM for their environmental and utility monitoring programs. CPMC will utilize the MODA-EM Technology at their Utsunomiya Plant in Japan, for capturing, tracking and trending QC Microbiology information. CPMC will join the list of many global life science organizations that have chosen the MODA solution as their standard platform for QC-Micro automation.  CPMC completed an eight month on-site validation of Lonza's MODA-EM System.

MODA is a comprehensive platform for environmental, utility and product monitoring, combining automated scheduling, workflows, mobile data acquisition, device integration, and visual analytics. It eliminates paper-based monitoring and testing that can be expensive, error-prone, time and labor-intensive, therefore reducing timelines and potentially saving clients QC costs.

"We're excited that CPMC has joined the growing list of global pharmaceutical manufacturers who are raising the standard for QC Micro automation," states Mike Goetter, Global Director of Informatics for Lonza Bioscience. "The MODA Platform provides a tangible return on investment for our clients. Delivering on its mission "More Science, Less Paper", MODA is a defensible monitoring system that stands up to the rigors of compliance standards and audits."

A member of the CPMC quotes "By introducing the MODA-EM platform to our company, we expect to process a large amount of QC sampling data efficiently and reliably, significantly improving Chugai's operational quality and compliance."

MODA-EM takes a "best-practices" approach, turning Lonza's expertise in QC Micro automation into a full complement of out-of-box features, SOP workflows, and reports. The rapid implementation methodology includes professional staff with deep QC Micro expertise and a comprehensive validation accelerator package. This service level allows clients to reduce validation time while maximizing the benefits of the MODATM Platform.