Control / Automation

Easy Diagnostics, Configuration and Calibration with Arc Sensors

Before and after every run sensors need to be calibrated and verified. Given that there are 50 runs per year 100 documents need to be filed per sensor in a manual process. There is a certain risk that a few of the documents get lost or transcription errors occur. With a mobile device that collects all the data, stores and transfers those to a data base, and the ArcAir app, transcription errors and lost documents no longer happen. Additionally the ArcAir advanced app makes the data available in reports for further analysis like lifetime evaluation or diagnostics. On top of that errors and warnings can be detected and solved quickly without time consuming troubleshooting.

In order to benefit from the app, all customers need is the Hamilton Arc Bluetooth package. It consists of wireless adapters as well as a mobile device and the ArcAir app. Users can choose between two different sensor adapters, depending on the field of application. Both Arc wireless adapters have colored LEDs and allow instant sensor status recognition and maintenance on-site including all sensor data. In this way, the current sensor status is registered on the sensor itself as well as on the mobile device, and can be visualized by means of the ArcAir App. The ArcAir App enables a wireless communication with up to 30 Hamilton Arc sensors at the same time. To avoid wrong calibrations or undesired changes in the settings, the app allows defining different user levels.

The app is available in different versions for iOS and Android devices.