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Statista: Germany's Leading Statistics Company

Statista is Germany's leading statistics company and offers a unique contact point on the web for numbers, data and statistics. A Statista account offers direct access to more than 60,000 subject areas. All of the statistics can be immediately downloaded and integrated into your own documents as either Excel or Powerpoint files. The statistics come from over 10,000 renowned sources on Data partners are the OECD, the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, Handelsblatt, EHI, Creditreform and many more. Use Statista for competition analysis, customer presentations and benchmarking.

Statista offers access to:
• Statistics for over 60,000 subject areas
3,000 free studies within the Statista study data bank
1,000 current topic dossiers
• An extensive source data bank
• and diverse industry reports

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