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Harke Group Distributes Armor Pharma Excipients in Austria and Hungary

Harke Group announced an expansion of its product range: On Apr. 1, 2021, the international chemical distributor began selling the pharmaceutical grade lactose of the French supplier Armor Pharma in Austria and Hungary.

Lactose has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades as either diluent in oral solid dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, sachets (OSDF) or as a carrier for dry powder inhalers (DPI). Several properties such as cost effectiveness, a bland taste, its availability and the compatibility with active ingredients and other excipients contribute to the popularity of Lactose as an excipient. Further advantages of Lactose are its water solubility, its low hygroscopicity, as well as the excellent physical and chemical stability.

Arsim Zhubi, Key Account Manager at Armor Pharma, said: “Armor Pharma as pharmaceutical quality Lactose grade producer is seeing huge opportunities in many markets offering high quality lactose grades for all pharmaceuticals followed with technical assistance, if needed.”

Thorsten Harke, President of Harke Group, added: “The new cooperation with Armor Pharma is a strategic step to support our customers with a full portfolio for oral solid dosage forms and DPI. Lactose is highly complementary to our excipients portfolio, thus, allowing us to strengthen our full customer support from idea to implementation.”


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