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MAGIO Circulators

Powerful Temperature Control with High-end Quality

With the new MAGIO series, Julabo extends its product range with bridge mounted circulators, refrigerated and heating circulators, as well as heating circulators in high-end quality.

Best Performance

For maximum flexibility, the MAGIO devices are available in various combinations and sizes and can be used for demanding temperature applications thanks to selected accessories. The MAGIO circulators operate with a working temperature range of -50°C to +300°C and a heating capacity of up to 3 kW. Due to the high heating and cooling capacity, very short heat-up and cool-down times are guaranteed. The refrigerated circulators work reliably and precisely as usual, even at higher ambient temperatures up to +40°C.

With the power pressure/suction pump with output values of up to 31 l/min or 0.92 bar (pressure) and -0.4 bar (suction), the MAGIO devices offer the most powerful pump in its class. They are, therefore, ideally suited for particularly demanding external temperature applications. The pressure/suction pump is continuously adjustable and can, therefore, be easily adapted to pressure- or volume-sensitive external applications.

Modern Functionality

The high-resolution, modern TFT touch display offers a multilingual user interface and shows all important information at a glance. The operating concept of MAGIO circulators is simple, intuitive, and though out well. Three pre-defined, generous main screens clearly show data and graphics with different application focuses. The self-explanatory menu navigation is arranged according to relevance in the daily work. All display functions can be easily operated at the touch of a finger. The support function assists with further detailed questions at any time. For ease of use, all operating elements and safety functions can be operated from the front. The mains switch on the top of the circulator switches the circulator and refrigeration unit on and off simultaneously.

Modern interfaces allow straight-forward remote control, practical data management, and integration into process structures. An external Pt100 connection, USB, RS232, and Ethernet are permanently integrated, analog interfaces are available as an option. The integrated programmer offers the automatic running of temperature-time profiles for an optimized workflow.

Powerful MAGIO MS Refrigerated Circulators

Like all circulators of the MAGIO series, the refrigerated circulators are characterized by their premium quality and high performance combined with intuitive operation. With a temperature range from -50°C to +200°C and a heating capacity of 2 kW, the MAGIO circulators are particularly suitable for demanding work in lab and industry. The devices offer heavy-duty pressure and suction pumps and thus meet the highest demands when it comes to temperature control of external applications. Whether in basic research, material testing, or technical systems – the MAGIO refrigerated circulators offer high-tech solutions for demanding customers.

Flexibility with MAGIO MS and MX Bridge Mounted Circulators

MAGIO bridge mounted circulators offer high working temperatures from +20°C to +300°C and a powerful heating capacity of 3 kW (MX-Z) or 2 kW (MS-Z) with maximum flexibility. The adjustable bridge allows the circulators to be used with any bath tank with a filling volume of up to 100 l and a bath width of 31 to 66 cm. The immersion depth of the circulators amounts to 200 mm (MX-Z) or 150 mm (MS-Z).

MAGIO MS und MX Heating Circulators

MAGIO heating circulators offer professional technology for the highest demands with a working temperature range of +20°C to +300°C and a heating capacity of 3 kW (MX) or 2 kW (MS). The powerful all-rounders focus on the precise temperature control of external applications. Furthermore, samples can also be temperature-controlled in the internal bath of the high-quality insulated, closed bath tanks. The devices are available in various sizes, with a filling volume of 3 to 26 l.



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