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Next-Generation Instrument Simplifies Sample Preparation

Hamilton Bonaduz is introducing the Microlab 600, the next generation of semi-automated laboratory diluters and dispensers for sample preparation. Based on Hamilton's leading syringe technology, the new Microlab 600 instrument has been designed for ease of use and offers flexibility for more routines and smaller sample volumes.


The new instrument features a controller with an icon-based graphical touch screen for increased ease of use. Dilutions, dispenses, titrations and more are visually displayed in real-time with just the touch of a button.  Methods can be stored, archived, and shared with the 2GB-memory card.


The redesigned Microlab 600 syringe pump provides greater positional accuracy, allowing the programming of smaller sample volumes. Hamilton's patented Bubble Free Prime syringes eliminate trapped air bubbles to speed priming and solvent changes. Even more precise dilution rates can be achieved and buffer consumption is minimized.

The redesigned valves of the Microlab 600 are highly precise, robust and flexible. The innovative fluid logic enables the same universal valves to be used in all dispensing and diluting applications. Users can simply switch from one task to another with minimal downtime.

Time Reduction

With these numerous new features, the Microlab 600 reduces the time and solvent used to prepare samples, lowering the cost per sample processed.  The system minimizes technician-to-technician variability, improving the consistency of results. Compliance to EPA, GMP or FDA guidelines is simplified with traceable calibration back the N.I.S.T. standards.

The fluid path for the Microlab 600 is made of Borosilicate Glass and PTFE/CTFE, which are resistant to harsh chemicals used in the laboratory.

These high quality materials minimize the potential for leaching of metals or other contaminates that can be detected by downstream processes. Hence, the new Microlab generation is ideal for a large range of laboratory applications, including forensics analysis, environmental analysis or mining.