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C-C Coupling Kit from Evocatal

Enantiopure 2-hydroxy-ketones are interesting and lucrative intermediate products in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

With the help of specific enzymes, researchers are able to efficiently produce a variety of substituted compounds in the class. Up until now, however, those for this application have not been available commercially.

The newly-released C-C Coupling Kit from biotechnology specialist Evocatal takes advantage of the biocatalytic potential of TPP-enzymes (Thiamine pyrophosphate-dependent enzymes) to produce enantiopure 2-hydroxy-ketones.

The kit includes a range of seven different TPP-enzymes together with the relevant cofactor. Use of the kit provides customers with the ability to identify the most effective biocatalysts for their specific applications. Additionally, evocatal offers in-house enzyme screening services.