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KSB: Variable Speed System for Centrifugal Pumps

The focus of this year's KSB appearance at the Hanover trade fair will once again be on saving energy and on interlinking components worldwide by means of communication technology.

KSB will present the 45-kW version of the PumpDrive variable speed system for centrifugal pumps. The system is designed for industrial applications. It adjusts the flow rate to the actual demand in order to keep energy costs to a minimum. The integrated wireless module allows users to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. For operating the Pumpdrive via a mobile phone KSB provides you with its handy My Pumpdrive App in English, French and German. This application makes servicing much easier and commissioning of the pump much faster. The app can be downloaded free of charge. All Pumpdrives for motor ratings from 0.37 to 55 kW come in the same design. They can be mounted directly on the motor, on the wall or in a control cabinet. Up to six PumpDrives can be combined into a controlling unit via plug-in bus lines.

Another focal point in Hanover will be the Pump Operation Check. This is a service which interprets the load profiles determined by the Pumpmeter pump monitoring unit and provides concrete recommendations for action to increase the analysed pump's efficiency and availability. For the analysis, pressures are measured for a representative period of time. It is crucial for this period to be of sufficient length to produce reliable results on the system's load profile. The measured data is read from the device without any impact on the operating process and without any risk of interfering with the operation of the system. Worldwide, more than ten thousand fixed speed pump sets have already been equipped with Pumpmeter. If a pump is not already fitted with such a unit, it can easily be retrofitted. If an analysis reveals that a pump is not running at its optimal operating point, experts may recommend purchasing a variable speed system, trimming the impeller diameter or updating the drive.

The third point of focus at the KSB stand in Hanover will be the topic Industry 4.0. Designed as modular systems, the products Pumpdrive with My Pumpdrive and Pumpmeter with Pump Operation Check are ready for Industry 4.0. They can easily be integrated into a customer's digital production. KSB will also take care of service logistics by demonstrating how electronic documents can be called up directly at the pump. With KSB's contribution, the HMI has organised a Guided Tour on Process Automation for customers and interested parties as part of the trade fair programme.