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Kimble Chase: KIMAX Storage/Media Bottles

The New Classic in Laboratory Glassware

Kimble Chase offers a combination of design, quality and materials for a new standard in chemical and biological material containment. Researchers who frequently use glass bottles to store and dispense media, reagents and samples, depend on a quality product for safety and convenience.

KIMAX GL 45 Storage/Media bottles, a product line that combines design, quality manufacturing and superior materials meet the needs of the global research community. Available in sizes from 100mL to 10,000mL, the bottles are manufactured with Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass for durable performance and resistance to thermal stress. The bottles are available with linerless, autoclavable (to 140° C maximum) polypropylene GL 45 caps with an internal seal.
For easy identification, researchers can specify blue, white or orange caps. Other caps available include a red PBT (polybutyleneterephthalate) cap with PTFE/silicone liner (to 180° C maximum) offering resistance to solvents and acids. Also offered is a blue vented cap (to 140° C maximum) for equalizing pressure during autoclaving.
An extra wide neck opening facilitates access, and replaceable polypropylene pour rings minimize drips while pouring. KIMAX Storage/Media bottles feature permanent, white enamel graduations and marking spots. For enhanced safety, the bottles may be treated with KimCote, an ultra-clear coating that is applied to the exterior of laboratory glassware in order to resist breakage and contain leaking.
For light sensitive compounds, Kimble Chase offers RAY-SORB treated glassware.

KIMAX GL 45 Storage/Media bottles are available worldwide from multiple manufacturing facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia.
For more information, contact Kimble Chase toll free in the US and Canada at 1-888-546-2531, extension 1,
fax to 1-856-692-3242, or email info(at)kimble-chase(dot)com.
International customers can call 1-856-692-8500, extension 1, or visit the website


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