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Sample Preparation With Ultrasound For Quicker Results In Environmental Analysis

Ultrasound has become an important aspect of sample preparation in environmental, soil and food analysis. It allows samples to be processed rapidly, cheaply and accurately. Tedious procedures can be speeded up with ultrasound - samples are very homogeneous and provide reproducible results.

Environmental laboratories constantly test industrial wastewater for its content of heavy metals, fats or oils. Homogenization is completed much more rapidly with Sonopuls ultrasonic homogenizers than with other techniques.

In agriculture and farming, ultrasonic homogenizers are currently used for sample pre-processing in the analysis of phosphorus, potassium, calcium etc. in soil, to assist in selection of appropriate fertilizers. They are also used to determine THC content in hemp, and the concentration of polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAH) in plant foods such as strawberries, which may result from soil pollution.

In analysis of waste samples to determine their suitability for waste disposal and for analysis of pollutants such as PAH, heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons (PH) in soils and water, extraction with ultrasound is more rapid than elution. Several samples can be sonicated simultaneously in an ultrasonic bath. Sonorex ultrasonic baths are available in sizes from 0.9 liters to 90 liters. The flat Sonorex Digitec F baths are particularly suitable for preparation of samples in laboratory flasks.




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