Heat transfer through embossed surfaces

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#achema2018 - Based in Netherlands, this company provides a variety of heat transfer equipments i.e embossed jackets, embossed metal sheets, cooling units. They specialize in embossed heat transfer surfaces, and are a market leader in lazer welding of sheets.

Embossed surfaces provide higher heat transfer area with less material, thereby cutting on raw material costs. They can be used in different equipments in different configurations; i.e jackets for tanks, immersed plates etc. Embossed sheets therefore are flexible construction materials which don not lose their characteristics when applied in different configurations.

The embossing of sheets is carried out using lazer welding, a technique which has various advantages over conventional welding processes. Lazer welding is more corrosion resistant, ensures uniformity of surface, increases flexibility and longetivity of the welded material. Thus, both heat and life duty of the equipment is improved through embossing.

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