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Trouble-free Control of Processes

Of all sectors, it is in chemicals that a monitored, error-free and most of all appropriate handling of chemical products matters greatly. In order to achieve reliable and efficient control of the packaging and storage processes from bagging, palletizing and packaging right up to shipment, Beumer provides Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), which can be tailored to the users' requirements.

Control of materials flow, warehouse management and also the interface to the superior ERP system of the customer are integrated to form part of the system. All information from the packaging line, labelling, storage and shipment converges here. This ensures complete and absolute transparency of all products and processes. If the ERP system receives a picking order, it sends the information to a distributed control system and to the WMS. The distributed control system monitors and controls the material flow from the silo, checks the product quantities, bagging, palletizing and also securing of loads. The packed load units are then provided with a barcode. In the process, the Beumer WMS is in continual data exchange with the ERP system.

The palletized and packaged load units are now ready for storage or shipment. The Beumer WMS takes over control, checking and optimization of the warehouse and distribution processes; it allocates the palletized stacks to the correct warehouse and directs the routing of fork-lift trucks. The Beumer system consequently controls storage-in and storage-out, picking and shipment. In parallel with truck loading, the Warehouse Management System automatically takes over invoicing.

The entire material flow is controlled and regulated securely with the Beumer WMS. Any errors that could occur amongst the production, storage and shipment systems are avoided, as are time-consuming searches. As all processes are defined chronologically, an automatic material reservation and provision process is enabled that is timely and tailored to demand. The warehouse and supply process that is positively driven also makes the production throughput clearly faster and more efficient.


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