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Thermal Processes

The better you hold, the better you achieve

- Vereinigte Füllkörper Fabriken (VFF) plant located in Europe, is amongst the largest and the only plant which follows the principle of separation by manufacturing high performance...

Thermal Processes

Heat transfer through embossed surfaces

- #achema2018 - Based in Netherlands, this company provides a variety of heat transfer equipments i.e embossed jackets, embossed metal sheets, cooling units. They specialize in...

Control / Automation

Centrifuging success

- Andtrix is a known name in the separation of plastics with centrifuge-decanters. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and Andtrix understood the necessities of their...

Control / Automation

Vahterus: Pros of Two, Cost of One

- The conventional books on heat transfer operations boast of the compact arrangement of a plate type heat exchanger while underlying the significance of a low-pressure drop obtained...


At Funke: Safety comes First

- We have often heard people say, “Prevention is better than cure.” But have you ever thought of an equipment that inherently prevents and protects itself from a catastrophic damage...

Mechanical Processes

Let your Efforts Crystallize with Technoforce

- The Missile Man of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, once quoted, “India should walk on her own shadow, we should have our own development model.” Abiding by the above quote and thus...

Plant Engineering / Components

Plant and Process Simplification Solution

- ITI's CADfix Plant and Process Simplification (PPS) solution enables designers to quickly simplify complex MCAD assemblies and reduce file size ahead of integration with plant...

Control / Automation

R. Stahl Offers Ergonomic Actuators for Extreme Climate Conditions

R. STAHL Aktiengesellschaft - R. Stahl, a supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection, offers a versatile range of actuators for designing explosion-protected local control stations used...