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Merck Invests in Scottish Biosafety Unit

05.06.2023 -

Germany’s Merck is investing €35 million in biosafety testing at its Glasgow and Stirling sites in Scotland. When completed – no date has been given – the company said...


BASF and Sumitomo Chemical Explore Alternative to Animal Testing

29.12.2015 - BASF will collaborate with Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical to research and develop an in vitro system as an alternative to animal tests for evaluating the safety of chemicals. As a first...


The EFCG is Pushing Its Agenda Forward During Complex Times

14.04.2011 - Tony Scott credits Hovione CEO Guy Villax with coining the phrase, "saints and sinners" when referring to the notoriously uneven playing field in the world of API and excipient...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Beyond Animal Testing

08.03.2010 - Changing Times - For more than 50 years, animals have been used as human surrogates in studies designed to evaluate the safety of new drugs, chemicals, and personal care products...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Problems Pre-programmed

15.12.2009 - Regulation Rumbling - Reach now impacts not only the chemical industry, but also downstream users of chemicals, which are already under the control of other regulations creating...