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MOL Chemical Tankers to Buy Fairfield Chemical Carriers

15.09.2023 -

Singapore-headquartered shipping company MOL Chemical Tankers has agreed to acquire the business of Fairfield Chemical Carriers, a subsidiary of Fairfield-Maxwell, in an...

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Green Hydrogen Is the Way out of the Energy Crisis

01.10.2022 -

Green hydrogen is experiencing an enormous upswing in the current energy crisis. The increased demand will be difficult to meet on a local level. So, right on time, the...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Jointly mastering logistical challenges

19.07.2021 -

Lubricants for automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation and various other industries: This is the business model of Fuchs Schmierstoffe from Mannheim.

Logistics & Supply Chain

H.Essers: Negotiations for Acquisition of the Chemical Logistics Activities of the Dutch Meeus Group

09.12.2020 -

Logistics service provider H.Essers, currently active in 19 countries from 77 locations, is in advanced negotiations for the acquisition of the logistics and transport...

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“Vive la chimie” - the French Challenge in Chemical Logistics

08.12.2020 -

France has a long, grand history in chemistry.


Supply Chain Visibility Improvement: Bertschi Joins ECTA Workgroup

07.10.2019 - The European Chemical Transport Association ECTA has recently announced to launch a new ECTA workgroup to improve Supply Chain Visibility within Bulk liquid flows. The ECTA...

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Rail Cargo: Back to the future

10.05.2019 - An intelligent enterprise is, as we know, data and process driven. The data feeds intelligence which in turn feeds process automation and innovation. This implies that the...

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Sustainability versus Profitability

09.05.2019 - Companies across industries are torn between sustainability and profitability. But is this really a contradiction? Suppliers hold a key role when it comes to making supply chains...