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Logistics & Supply Chain

TWS: Tank containers for every purpose and any product

09.05.2016 -

For the first time the Germany based TWS Tankcontainer-Leasing will be presenting its range of services in China at the transport logistic Shanghai 2016.

Logistics & Supply Chain

“Logistics as a Strategic Enabler”

12.04.2016 - Recently “Kompetenzgruppe Chemielogistik” did a new survey focusing on international chemical logistics. The survey reveals five important levers which the board of a chemical...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

More Transparency – less cost

06.05.2014 - Knowledge Is Savings - This year's Forum for Chemical Logistics will focus on the importance of transparency in logistics processes as well as the resulting cost effects...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distributors and their Fight for Growth

06.05.2014 - Fewer And Bigger Companies - For a long time, until far into the second half of the 20th century, chemical distribution was a local business with local or regional players...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distributors: Fit For The Future?

06.05.2014 - Beyond This Year's Growth - Major chemical markets are heading for further improvement this year, according to the latest global business update from the German chemical industry...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Adding Value

05.05.2014 - Robust Expansion - From 2008 through 2013, the worldwide chemical distribution market grew approximately 6.5% per year (corrected for exchange rate effects) to roughly €168 billion...


Distribution & Logistics for the Chemical and Life Science Industries

14.03.2013 - Chemical distributors and logistics companies play a crucial role in the supply chain of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Formulating, distributing and delivering chemical...