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Logistics & Supply Chain

Centrally Controlled Logistics for Covid-19 Vaccines

16.03.2023 -

Examples of national logistics solutions in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium show how high availability and low costs can be brought down to a common denominator.


US Uncovers Covid-related Bogus API-making Deals

03.03.2023 -

Under US president Joe Biden, the Department of Justice has been moving energetically of late to uncover and prosecute offenses that might otherwise have been swept under...


CureVac Presents Positive Data from mRNA Trials

01.02.2023 -

German biotech CureVac has released preliminary data from its ongoing cooperation with UK drugmaker GSK on a new class of “transformative medicines” based on messenger...


BioNTech to Acquire all of InstaDeep

16.01.2023 -

As it continues to leverage earnings from its top-selling mRNA-based Covid vaccine to deepen its existing knowhow, Mainz, Germany-based BioNtech has announced plans to...


FDA Approves Omicron-targeted Children’s Vaccines

21.12.2022 -

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for the updated Covid-19 vaccines of both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna in children...


Chinese Distributor Inks Paxlovid Deal with Pfizer

16.12.2022 -

As Covid cases continue to explode across the country, China Meheco Group Co, an internationally active manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals chemicals and...


Pfizer Files Rebuttal of Moderna’s Patent Claim

08.12.2022 -

Faced with a lawsuit from US rival Moderna, alleging that Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech infringed one of its patent for their top-selling Covid-19 vaccine...


AstraZeneca Sells US Site to National Resilience

07.12.2022 -

Two weeks after annnouncing that it would no longer seek to market its Covid-19 vaccine in the US, Anglo-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca has unveiled plans to sell its...