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Bayer to Tap Mammoth’s CRISPR Toolbox

12.01.2022 -

Bayer will potentially pump well over $1 billion into another major gene therapy collaboration, this time with Brisbane, California-based Mammoth BioSciences. In the pact...


All-female Team Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

08.10.2020 -

An all-female team comprised of Emmanuelle Charpentier from the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens, Berlin, Germany, and Jennifer A. Doudna from the University...


Merck KGaA Wins First CRISPR Patent for US

08.03.2019 - The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Germany’s Merck a patent for its proxy-CRISPR technology. This is the Darmstadt-based pharmaceuticals and chemicals...


Australia grants Merck KGaA CRISPR Patent

16.08.2018 - The Australian Patent Office has granted an application by Germany’s Merck KGaA to patent the use of paired CRISPR nickases. The Darmstadt-based group said, these “represent a...


Digitization’s Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

05.06.2018 - The digital developments in the healthcare industry, combined with an aging population and enormous scientific progress, pose new challenges for pharmaceutical companies. On the...


Merck KGaA Wins Chinese CRISPR Patent

24.04.2018 - China’s patent office has granted a patent application filed by German pharmaceuticals and chemicals producer Merck for use of the company’s CRISPR technology in a genomic...


Syngenta Buys COFCO’s Crop Seeds Business

08.11.2017 - Chinese-owned, Switzerland-based agrochemicals giant Syngenta has announced plans to acquire state-owned Chinese grains trader COFCO International’s crop seeds business for an...


Monsanto Licenses ToolGen’s CRISPR Technology

22.08.2017 - Monsanto has signed a global licensing agreement with South Korean biotech ToolGen, gaining access to its CRISPR gene-editing technology. Financial terms were not disclosed. "This...