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Keyword: Custom Manufacturing


Advancing Sustainable Chemical Solutions

05.10.2020 -

Without products based directly or indirectly on chemicals, life as we know it would be unsustainable. According to various sources, more than 95% of the products around...


The Pharma CDMO Challenge

05.09.2019 - The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and is estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2021. One important driver is the trend towards outsourcing of development and manu...


A Holistic System Approach

08.04.2019 - Flow processes have to be handled as a holistic system approach. Diverse applications of flow chemistry in pharmaceutical environment demonstrate the value of this strategy towards...


Unique Opportunity for Innovation and Improvement

08.04.2019 - Both academic and industrial research is attracted by solid opportunities to create innovation while improving the competitiveness of the chemical production. At this concern, flow...


A Visible Reference of Production-scale Micro Reaction Technology

08.04.2019 - For us, the barrier of implementing and recognizing micro and milli reactors as breakthrough technology can be taken by production-scale reference projects we are able to show in...


A Technology on the Upswing

08.04.2019 - There are a number of drivers to implement flow chemistry processes over batch operations. Firstly, a very much improved heat and mass transfer. Millimeter-sized tubular reactors...


Benefits across Different Industries and Applications

08.04.2019 - For discovery groups and academia, it is undoubtedly about the ability to perform chemistry that is not possible by traditional techniques; flow chemistry allows the implementation...


Unsurpassed Heat and Mass Transfer Properties

08.04.2019 - Flow chemistry, based on milli and micro reactors, is a powerful production process technology with unsurpassed heat and mass transfer properties. It is especially beneficial for...

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