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Logistics & Supply Chain

How Chemical Companies Can Beat Customer Churn

25.05.2021 -

The chemical industry is at a crossroads: customer behavior and needs are changing, and chemical companies must rethink how they do business to meet shifting expectations...


Webinar: Customer Experience and the Multi Channel Challenge

10.09.2019 - Over the last two decades, customers that buy chemicals are increasingly asking suppliers’ customer service to manage their requests through multiple channels - from classic EDI to...

Strategy & Management

Painting a Better Picture of Demand

07.05.2014 - Eliminating Inefficiency - When paint and specialty chemicals producer AkzoNobel looked to improve customer service and raise return on capital by cutting excess inventory, it...


Countering Commoditization

04.03.2014 - From Unique To Common - In the business world, commoditization is defined as the process by which goods that are initially distinguishable in terms of attributes (uniqueness or...

Strategy & Management

Into The Future

17.12.2009 - New Opportunities - Security management is often viewed as being equivalent to "keeping the bad guys out". In cases of viruses, hacker attacks and unauthorized access attempts...