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Cyber Security Report

29.05.2020 - ARC Advisory Group, a technology research and consulting firm for industry and industrial infrastructure, conducts a survey on industrial cyber security, which is designed to...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Yokogawa Introduces “Profit-driven Operation”

10.10.2018 -

As digital transformation ensues to disrupt, transform and re-shape industries – the imperative to change for process industries is clear and very present.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Intelligent Vertical Integration

31.01.2018 - Complete vertical integration to achieve consistent quality worldwide was the aim of Atotech, a global leader in the highly complex world of plating chemicals, equipment and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

One batch more

16.11.2015 - 17 days and not a day longer – this was the initial situation for the migration of a process control system of a large resin reactor. With the help of simulation, virtual test...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Vaccine Production: ‘Best-in-Class’

27.01.2012 - The production of pharmaceutical products requires strict compliance with specified ambient conditions. Since the building automation systems (BAS) must meet very special...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Global Users Exchange Coming to Europe

27.01.2012 -

Customer Support - From specific technologies and services to comprehensive solutions: A broad family of brands represents the myriad ways Emerson Pro¬cess Management can...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Fieldbus: Good For Your Plant

07.09.2011 - No Risk, Lots of Fun - Most fieldbus novices feel edgy about their decision and understandably so. Getting a new technology to work right the first time is a task associated with...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

AkzoNobel on Its Wireless Network at a Belgium Plant

11.05.2011 - Wireless Controls - Nicolas Delfosse, Process Engineer Surface Chemistry at AkzoNobel's surfactants processing plant in Belgium, explains why the lack of available I/O and high...