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Stepan Buys Surfactants from PerformanX

15.09.2022 -

US specialty chemicals company Stepan has agreed to acquire the surfactant business and associated assets of compatriot firm PerformanX Specialty Chemicals. The purchase...


Modern day solutions for high speed and environmentally friendly disinfection of food and beverage packaging materials


To ensure that food products remain fresh and edible for as long as possible, strict hygienic conditions must be met, not only in terms of product quality but also during...

Contamination Control

Validating a disinfectant

Contec, Inc. -

The choice, qualification and validation of a disinfectant for use within a critical or cleanroom environment is crucial and will form part of a pharmaceutical...

Reserach & Innovation

Disinfectant residues in cleanrooms

25.03.2021 -

EU Annex 1 which specifies guidance for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products is currently in the process of being rewritten. The current 16-page document will be...

Reserach & Innovation

Virucidal Testing of Cleanroom Disinfectants

11.01.2021 -

In “normal” times, with the exception of live vaccine manufacturers, control of viruses in cleanrooms is not usually the highest priority within contamination control.


UV Disinfection of Surfaces and Air


This webinar examines the need to reduce germs in highly frequented rooms. It will look at how the disinfection of contaminated objects can take place, discuss solutions...


Ineos Adds US Sanitizer Plants, Plans Hygiene Business

06.05.2020 - Ineos will build two hand sanitizer plants in the US, adding to the facilities it has already constructed in the UK, Germany and France. A first plant in Jacksonville, Arkansas...


Expert Webinar: UV Disinfection of Food Packaging

19.11.2019 -

Harmful germs such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi need to be completely removed during food packaging, especially when it comes to pasty, powdery and liquid foods.