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Markets & Companies

The EU Goes Green

19.04.2022 -

The EU Green Deal sets a high bar for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and its impact will be felt across industries. But the chemical sector’s unique nature...

Strategy & Management

Processes4Planet: EU Cross-Sectorial R&I

15.09.2021 -

The Processes4Planet (P4Planet) partnership’s goal is to transform the European process industries to make them circular and achieve overall climate neutrality at EU...

Markets & Companies

On the Way to Climate Neutrality

03.06.2021 -

The EU Commission’s ambitious plan for a European Green Deal, launched shortly before the pandemic struck in early 2020, aims to make the continent the world’s first...


Industry and EU Parliament Back Green Recovery

12.05.2020 -

But while MEPS push the Green Deal, the German chemical industry association VCI stresses that economic and social factors should be given equal emphasis.


Industry and EU Parliament Back Green Recovery

06.05.2020 - The European Parliament (EP) and the chemical industry seem to be on (almost) the same page as regards strategies to overcome the ongoing coronavirus crisis, though with a slightly...