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EU Passes Recovery Fund and Adds Plastic Tax

23.07.2020 -

In a more than four-day marathon session, marked in part by acrimonious discussions, EU leaders passed both the planned €750 million coronavirus recovery package and a...


UK Business “Hung out to Dry” on Brexit

20.02.2019 - As the Mar. 29 date for the UK to quit the EU approaches, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said companies have been “hung out to dry” over the consequences of a no deal...

Markets & Companies

Ireland’s Thriving Pharma and Chemicals Producers Optimistic about Brexit

24.11.2017 - Of the remaining post-Brexit 27 member states of the European Union, Ireland looks likely to suffer the most economically, and also possibly politically, as a result of the UK’s...

Markets & Companies

Brexit Means Brexit

12.06.2017 -

Many questions – few answers and a long and uncertain time line for the fog to lift from the new “Channel” between the UK and the EU27.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Bioelectronic Medicines: A New Type of Personalization

27.04.2017 - Bioelectronic technologies for modulating the signaling capabilities of the nervous system could pose challenges for producers of medicinal materials and chemicals – but also for...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Going Digital

03.04.2017 - In this digital era, in which suppliers, distributors, business partners and customers are each time more interconnected and linked to other networks around the world, the...


EU Chemical Business Gains Momentum

27.01.2017 - Chemical business in the European Union became more favorable in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared to the rest of the year, and economic sentiment in the euro zone improved on...

Markets & Companies

Brexit’s Implications for the UK’s Chemical Industry

21.11.2016 - Brexit was predicted by its opponents and even neutral economists to precipitate at best a sharp economic downturn in the UK and at worst a deep recession. So far, four months...

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