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Lukoil Commissions Glatt with the Construction of NaCN Plant

22.11.2012 - Russia's biggest private oil group Lukoil commissions Glatt Ingenieurtechnik again with the construction of a plant for the production of sodium cyanide (NaCN), a chemical that is...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Glatt Technology Center: Service from Feasibility Study to Production Plant

07.09.2011 - Innovation - Glatt's Technology Center in Weimar stands for innovative technologies for the production of granules and pellets from powders and/or solid-containing liquids. In the...

Mechanical Processes

Product Design in Spray Fluidized Beds

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH - Modern fluidized bed processes provide industry and research with the opportunity of obtaining tailor-made physical properties and application characteristics of solid products...