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Logistics & Supply Chain

Flexibility and Safety in the Chemical Industry

25.11.2020 -

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are genuine transport and storage all-rounders with a variety of different uses in many different industries.

Logistics & Supply Chain

New Foldable Intermediate Bulk Container

02.10.2018 - Schoeller Allibert launched its most hygienic and safe reusable intermediate bulk container (IBC), ideal for high value liquids and ingredients logistics. The Combo Excelsior was...

Logistics & Supply Chain

How Industrial Packaging Can Boost Sustainability Measures

19.10.2011 - Achieving Success - Sustainability has become a decisive competitive advantage in the chemical industry. More than ever, it is the companies' ambition to act in a responsible way...

Chemicals & Distribution

Intermediate Bulk Containers Handling Guide for Safety, Efficiency

- Modern IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) come in such a wide range of variants today that there are practically no limits to their application as a transport and storage medium...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

On a Par with Stainless Steel Containers

15.03.2010 - Flexible Alternative - The search for the ideal packaging solution is a traditional feature of industrial activity. Schütz from Selters, Germany, has always adapted its product...

Mechanical Processes

Barrier IBCs from Schütz Meet Tomorrow’s Safety Standards

- Greater safety in the transport of hazardous goods is the subject of increasingly intensive debate. This applies in particular to the formation of explosive compounds in freight...