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Transition Pathways toward CO2 Neutrality

29.09.2022 -

Chemical parks are locations of intensive value creation. They are a driver for sustainable development with a high economic, ecological and social impact.

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Industriepark Höchst Combines Tradition and Future

09.12.2019 - If you drive into Frankfurt from the west, the towering smokestacks of Industriepark Höchst will spring into view long before the bank skyscrapers in the city’s downtown. This 4.6...

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Chemistry Works – at Every Level

21.11.2016 - More than 12,000 foreign companies have already chosen Hesse as the place to do business. A clear commitment to Europe’s most central location. Across all industries, employers...

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In The Right Place

28.10.2015 - The chemical and pharmaceuticals industry of the state of Hesse in Germany has been true to its traditions. The locations that witnessed the development of this sector have evolved...

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More Transparency – less cost

06.05.2014 - Knowledge Is Savings - This year's Forum for Chemical Logistics will focus on the importance of transparency in logistics processes as well as the resulting cost effects...

Medicine For The Pharmceutical Industry

11.11.2013 - To stay competitive, pharmaceutical companies have to explore every cost-cutting opportunity. They have already made some progress by outsourcing research, development, contract...

Where Is Germany Headed? Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

15.08.2013 - No question, the chemical industry faces daunting challenges. As sales markets and goods flows globalize and new production centers emerge, both large and small companies are...