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Zila Bioworks – Revolutionizing Plastics

15.05.2024 -

The American start-up Zila Bioworks is transforming hard-tech manufacturing with drastically cleaner, greener chemistry, while supporting rural communities.


Neptunus Biotech – The Power of the Ocean in Benefit of the Soil

17.04.2024 -

The Mexican start-up Neptunus Biotech extracts bioactive compounds from marine microalgae which are used as a bio-stimulant for crops. The assimilation of these molecules...


Ecorich Solutions – Turning waste into food

18.03.2024 -

African start-up Ecorich Solutions uses an innovative technology called “the Wastebot decomposer machine” to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer. The process...


BIOWEG – Revolutionizing The Future Of Bio-Ingredients

19.02.2024 -

The German start-up Bioweg found a way to replace petroleum-based chemicals with innovative bio-alternatives through fermentation and green chemistry. The processing of...


Molepse BioResources - Pioneering novel organic pesticides for grain farmers

24.01.2024 -

The Kenyan start-up Molepse BioResources has developed two products, one for small-scale and one for large-scale grain farmers, to protect their harvest from weevil...


Makabi Agritech - Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Food Production

13.11.2023 -

The Croatian start-up Makabi has created a 3-in-1 encapsulation technology for plant protection and nutrition and controlled release of bioactive components.

Research & Innovation

Aquamet: Innovative Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture

31.10.2023 -

The Ghanian start-up Aquamet provides a sustainable and affordable solution to maximize fish farmers´ yield.


Plastale: Towards Sustainable Development through Material Innovation and Circular Economy

12.09.2023 -

The Egypt-based start-up Plastale produces composite materials for different applications out of local plastic and crop waste. Their recycling process aims to be energy...