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Strategy & Management

A Journey towards the Smart Factory

26.07.2023 -

Achieving sustainability targets and productivity improvements are primary levers that make operations teams successful. At MBCC Group, one of the leading construction...

Research & Innovation

Empowering Frontline Workers with AI

17.05.2022 -

Interview with Russ Fadel, Augmentir

Control / Automation

Smart Connected Product: Remote Machine Monitoring in Real-Time


ACG, an integrated solutions provider for pharmaceutical companies, has introduced the Smart Connected Product – a new, innovative, IIoT solution, that connects...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The IIoT Needs You and Me

19.02.2021 -

The IIoT continues to evolve, with countless solutions touting end-to-end process automation. However, one of the most important elements of IIoT — the human element —...

Strategy & Management

PlantSight Digital Twin Cloud Services

21.06.2019 - Every real-world operating plant is characterized by cumulative evolution, both to its brownfield physical condition and to the varied types and formats of theoretically...

Strategy & Management

The Need for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

08.04.2019 - The global pharmaceutical industry is evolving with the rising need for novel therapies in the changing disease landscape. As a result of rising prevalence of chronic infectious...

Strategy & Management

Data Analytics in Chemical Production and Maintenance

14.02.2019 - In the era of big data and a growing interest in Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, the pressure to innovate is especially strong in the process-enabling industries. As...

Strategy & Management

Emerging Business Models in the Chemical Industry

30.08.2018 - With the rapid growth of the Industrial Internet of Things and recent advances in Industry 4.0 technologies like cloud computing, machine learning and remote sensing, there’s been...