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Reserach & Innovation

Transforming the Scale-Up of Biobased Molecules

16.09.2021 -

Interview with Jere Koskinen and Ali Harlin, Mega Cellulose.

Reserach & Innovation

Redesigning Tomorrow’s Plastics Today

16.09.2021 -

B4Plastics is a Belgium-based biotechnology start-up and a polymer architecture company looking to catalyze the introduction of novel biomaterials and growing them from...

Reserach & Innovation

Artificial Intelligence for New Drug Design

16.09.2021 -

Digital tools are a key to shortening the development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and thus market-ready drugs and therapies.


Chemical Industry – Surviving or Thriving in the Next Normal?

14.09.2021 -

In his interview with CHEManager, Thorsten Wenzel, Vice President and global head of the industry business unit Chemicals at SAP, talks about most recent trends and...

Strategy & Management

A Roadmap for Pharma 4.0

07.09.2021 -

Industry experts Josef Trapl, Wolfgang Winter, Christian Woelbeling, and Thomas Zimmer – all members of ISPE’s Pharma 4.0 group – talk about the idea behind ISPE’s Pharma...

Strategy & Management

Combating Climate Change with a Pioneering Spirit

08.07.2021 -

Bertrand Piccard is considered a pioneer in looking at the environment from an economic point of view and has been promoting renewable energy and clean technologies for...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Ensuring Value and Efficiency in the Supply Chain

08.06.2021 -

In his interview with CHEManager, Hidde van der Wal, CEO of chemical distributor Barentz, talks about the company’s performance in 2020 and latest strategic developments...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Mergers & Acquisitions Are an Integral Strategic Component

02.06.2021 -

In the drive to reach growth objectives, or to maintain and enhance “critical mass”, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) has been a theme for the chemical distribution industry...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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