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Cyber Security Report

29.05.2020 - ARC Advisory Group, a technology research and consulting firm for industry and industrial infrastructure, conducts a survey on industrial cyber security, which is designed to...

Strategy & Management

An Open Framework for Infrastructure Digital Twins

25.02.2020 - What would you say if you could wave a magic wand and eliminate all the time and effort that you and your organization spend on transforming data, integrating data, and aggregating...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digitization in All Business Areas

22.02.2019 - Reorientation and tradition, transformation and experience, concentration and competence: How does a company manage change in times of digital transformation? M+W, a German...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Who is the Future “Chemazon”?

26.04.2018 -

The traditional business model of chemical distributors is currently fundamentally challenged on one side by digitally enabled activities from principals, logistics...

Strategy & Management

Chemicals, Reimagined for the New Economy!

18.09.2017 - To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, chemical businesses must reimagine themselves as living systems. Learn to sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict customer and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digitalization in Process Industries

05.09.2017 - In a strategic alliance, Siemens and Bentley Systems plan to drive new business value by accelerating digitalization to advance infrastructure project delivery and asset...

Strategy & Management

Chemicals 4.0 — Bringing the Industry to the Next Level

04.04.2016 -

Industry 4.0 sparks intensive discussions within the chemical industry. The question is whether this is really new or just a fancy label for some well-known practices.

Strategy & Management

Camelot LEAN Suite is Awarded the Innovationspreis-IT

12.06.2014 - The technology expert Camelot ITLab was awarded the Innovationspreis-IT by Initiative Mittelstand for its certified Camelot LEAN Suite in the category "Best of ERP 2014". The...